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Spiritual Group Meetings

Meeting like-minded people - We Are One

The spiritual Gate supports spiritual group meetings

We, the Spiritual Gate Team, are part taking in the meetings of "Das spirituelle Kaffeekränzchen (the spiritual coffee party)".
This group meeting takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month, in Delmenhorst, near Bremen, Germany.
Each meeting is unique and very individual, with a variation of different and new people each time. Magical hours of connection and inspiration are shared.

Founder of this spiritual group is Alexandra Guillot.
She leads the organisation together with Jürgen Grunau, the Spiritual Gate co-founder.
Alexandra ist an experienced spiritual coach. And during her many sessions, she realized that spiritual people are in need of such group meeting options.
By the way, the idea for the "Heilerportal" and the "Heilerverzeichnis" (the german mother-version of the Spiritual Gate and the Healers Directory, which we founded a year earlier than the international version) developed around the same time, the Spirituelle Kaffeekränzchen was founded.

These group meetings aren't just for the sake of coming together. They are meant to enable true and in depth communication and exchange.
You can feel that energy when you walk into the room.
We meet each other on eye level, we see each other from heart to heart. It doesn't matter at all whether you are a spiritual person, a healer, lightworker, etc. or not.
It's about sharing deep heart felt values, which make us all human.

We are all one. We live that here.

You are part of a spiritual group meeting as well?
It's your vision to found a group meeting like ours?

Please feel free to contact us.
The Spiritual Gate is giving you a space represent your vision. Together with "Lebenszauber" (transl.:'magic of life', the company of Alexandra Guillot), we support the starting of new spiritual group meetings.

This way you can grow, start an exchange with other group meetings and create a larger resonance.

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Spiritual Group Meetings

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