The Spiritual Gate

We grow to unite healers and lightworker around the globe. We offer elucidation for the clients of healing- and lightwork and support the growth and and acceptance of spiritual professions. Here you can support us and become a part of the journey.
The Spiritual Gate

The Spiritual Gate

2018 we started a vision and named it Heilerportal.
October 2019 the Heilerportal opened it's gates to the world and it's English twin The Spiritual Gate was born.

Why? Because the network of light doesn't see borders.

We are all children of mother earth.
It doesn't matter where on this earth a lightworker lives or which methods he/she offers. The network of light connects us all.
Because we all want to make an impact, greater than ourselves.
We all want to make the world (a human made concept) a better place, so earth (the true nature) can heal.

As you've might have seen we're still in the midst of the translation process.
If you like what you see so far and want to cheer us on, donate an amount that feels appropriate to you.

Your support goes into the Spiritual Gate/Heilerportal only.
We use it for licences, remedy, hosting, etc.

Jürgen & Fillandra

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