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With ♥ 
The Spiritual Gate Team
Jürgen and Fillandra

Overview our Services

Healer • Lightworker • spiritual Coaches/ Practitioners • holistic doctors • naturopathic professions

The platform for all healers, light workers, spiritual coaches / practitioners, holistic doctors and naturopathic professions.

For spiritual groups, organizations and associations.

Why a Spiritual Gate?

The platform serves the purpose of transforming the energy of the healers on the internet. It's supposed to be an "intersection" in the digital world, since this world doesn't open up to everybody. We create resonance.

What to expect from the Spiritual Gate?

Energetic support in your transformational processes; in becoming visible online, to reach more clients.
We support you in energetic matters, technical issues or in both, to create the resonance you wish for.

Who are we?

We are no classic agency.
Though we've gained much experience in this field, we are practitioners of lightwork as well and live a conscious lifestyle.

What is our vision?

Every day many people realize, that they need support, to escape the rat race.
There are more and more people stepping into their healing professions around the globe and there is lots of work for them. That speaks for itself.
The Dalai Lama once said: "The planet does not need more 'successful people'. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. It needs people to live well in their places."

We want to do our part and follow our purpose:
To make the world a better, brighter place and to make sure that the energy gets used to the highest and best of all.
That's what the Spiritual Gate serves for.

We look forward to your resonance
Jürgen and Fillandra

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