Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

for holistic practices, practitioners and healing professions

Search engine optimization (SEO) is almost inevitable for anyone who wants to create resonance.

If it can't be found, the most pretty website is useless. When we say "being found" we aren't talking about the own name.
Because your future clients don't know your name yet, how can they find you just by that?

Is a search engine optimization even worth it?

The most clients arrive from the Google search function. Not even Facebook has changed that.
We know, many people things: "I get enough clients from Facebook". It can be true that you find some, who discover you through friends. likes or recommendations. Now think this through: When is this client circle jaded? 
Not to forget that you work with a "closed loop" here, which is the amount of people who have Facebook. Is that enough to last, to evolve?

Another aspect, which people who advertise their business on Facebook don't like to hear: The user numbers are sinking.
This development is fed by many factors. People no longer want to be flooded with all kinds of information in their free time.
They want to get the information they want, when they want. And where to do that? Right: on Google (and other search machines).
That's why your own website and proper search engine optimization is inevitable.

On Google there is no closed loop as it is on social media platforms. It's an open energy, offering much potential for resonance.
Also you don't need to start an Adwords campaign, unlike many advisors say. Using the right system and the right keywords, you'll create the kind of resonance right for you. 

Clients search for solutions, help, clues. 

That's how the Google search starts. It's useful minding that right in the beginning as you sit down, to write the texts for your website.
We create websites with the proper SEO set up only. We prove that with our own internet presence.

From experience we know: When it comes to healing professions, holistic practices, practitioners and studios, their websites are often created by  acquaintances, family or friends. Or it's a website construction kit being used, which seams cheap at first.
It's awesome to have support and the ability to share the coming true of your vision like that.
Once the website is build, you wait excited for what's gonna happen. And? What happened? - Nothing...
The energy is going nowhere fruitful, because the intersections to the energy flow of the internet are missing.
And a question along the way: Who watches over the energy and progression of your website?
If you don't know where you're standing, how do you want to know, where you're going? Or why there is no resonance showing?

Search engine optimization is a skill, based on experience, empathy, technique and time for research.

Next step is the observation of the development on your website, followed by readjustments if necessary.

SEO is no "fleeting star", it's a process, which takes its time and bests starts BEFORE starting the creation of a website.
If a website gets built, one assumes that Google is gonna "do the rest". But Google only does that, if it's feed with the right SEO data. After being fed with the SEO information, Google takes time to digest it. That's a process needing its time as well.

So if your studying a healing profession at the moment, and you're planning on opening your yoga studio, holistic practice, or something like that, mind the time.
Based on experience, we can give an overview. Just give us a call and you can an open and honest guidance. Fair and without any ties.

General advice:

Not every website-agency offers search engine optimization. If you want get SEO-Services, ask for it.

In our services, search engine optimization is always included.

A SEO-coaching doesn't have to be expensive. We love to help.

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