How to give informative feedback on our members?

27. Aug 2019

Feedback is an important part of any process of growth

The Spiritual Gate is no exception here.

Let's say you find an awesome lightworker in our Healers Directory and you book a session with him/her. Now you have the option to share your experience on their profile.
Your feedback helps the healer to reflect his work and it can help other potential clients to have a better guess on what to expect.

To make it as simple and comfortable as possible for you to give feedback, we built a form. it's installed on every page and gives you a guideline.

What makes feedback informative?

Constructive, informative feedback gives the most objective general survey possible.
Of course your emotions are an important part of this survey too. Whether you were euphoric or pretty angry when you came out of the session, makes a significant difference.
But still, try to make a step out of the emotion and describe the overall experience during the session and the general exchange between you and the healer.

Deliberate following questions and name your experience in each of these points.
If it's possible for you, observe, reflect and document your experience for at least a week before you write your feedback. Sometimes it takes a little while until the full effect of a session shows.

  • Was it easy to find a date for the appointment? (If the healer is busy because she/he has so many clients, that's a good sign. But if other things are more important than her/his work, it's a bad one)
  • Is the healer reliable?
  • Is it easy to communicate with the healer/lightworker? Do you feel as if you're on the same page of the book?
  • Which method did you choose? (Important when the healer offers different kinds) and how did you experience it?
  • How did you feel during the session?
  • Describe briefly what your issue was. What were your expectations before the session started and how happy are you with your experience?
  • Is there something that went wrong in your eyes? (And if so, what happened and why? But also ask yourself in which parts you or your previous expectations are part of why you feel disappointed)
  • Would you book another session with this healer or recommend him/her to your friends and family?

Example for a helpful feedback:

Imaginary example:
"A few weeks ago I had a ThetaHealing ® session with _____ . At the beginning it was difficult to find an appointment which matched both of our schedules. Since my workhours are varying and quite unpredictable, while ____ is pretty booked out. But the waiting was absolutely worth it, I'm so thankful.
I booked a session with ____ , because I was fighting with a situation. I just couldn't find my way out of it and it had me completely drained.
During the session, I felt new doors opening already. I had realizations which enabled me to find totally new perspectives on my situation.
After the session, I was able to approach my situation totally different. I felt secure and clearly saw where I'm at.
Now, a few weeks later, everything has changed. It is as if there's never been a problem. Even better, I've grown from it!"
-Ashley W.

Why we publish only positive feedback?

Every word which is spoken or written has it's own frequency.
This way we protect the frequency of the Spiritual Gate, so it can fulfill it's highest purpose for its users.
Whatever we put our focus on grows. We want to grow abundant joy and success for all of us.

Every feedback is recognized

Of course we pay the same attention to informative negative/unsatisfied feedback. If we receive multible negative feedback on a certain member, especially when it's detailed and informative,we take action. In such a case, we will contact both, the client and the member.

Yet we also ask you, to check for yourself, whether your frustration really is based on the incapacity or wrongdoing of the member. 
Lightwork is preceived totally individual and sessions often develop into a totally different direction than expected. That doesn't mean it was wrong but it can take you longer to realize how it benefited your growth.

But it is also possible, that it just wasn't the right healer for this particular process or phase of your life. Maybe your subconscious needs a couple more sessions or simply some time to integrate the information and let go the old situation.
Yet again maybe your feeling has been wrong the whole time and you wanted to try it anyway. That's fine. It happens to all of us from time to time.
Just remember when you write a feedback: There are things that can go wrong regarding to lightwork, which are neither the fault of the lightworker, nor yours.

Feedback survey

On this page you can overwatch the feedback to all our members as well as the feedback for our work in the Spiritual Gate. 
Yet please mind that we just started offering the feedback feature (state August 2019), so there isn't much to find yet.

Maybe you want to change that and share your experience?

In Love and gratitude
The Spiritual Gate Team

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