Worth knowing for Clients

Diving into the fielt of lightwork and spiritual life coaching, one finds a huge field of options.
We want to support you, finding the kind of spiritual support, that works best for you.

Why our tipps are interesting for you?

We know how it is. We've also started our journey somewhere, not knowing much about it all.
And we made a lot of experiences we didn't want to make, just because we didn't know better.

One of our motivations in providing this website is:

  • We want to offer you the bliss of free choice along with some basic knowledge.
  • How to know whether a coach, ThetaHealer ®, medium, etc, is the right one for you.
  • How to recognize legid light- and healing work.
  • What can lightwork do for you and where are its limits?
  • What is my responsibility as a client and what's the lightworkers responsibility?

That's what we are going to write about, and much much more.

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