Holistic Media Coaching

Navigate through the media jungle, conscious and self-reflected

Support in the media world - for Healer, Lightworker, spiritual Coaches / Practitioner

Communicating with providers of spiritual practices and healing methods, we get to see that aversion and helplessness, when it comes to the internet and its opportunities, are common.
Many of them feel blocked, overwhelmed - they are stumped, not knowing who they can belief, since every "expert" says something different.

We want to lift the haze of confusion, dissolve blockages and explain the available resources in a simple but detailed way.
During that process, we help you reflect and get a feeling which platforms and advertisement options are authentic and effective for you.
We also let you profit from our experience on: gain new clients, how to write a bill, create an offer, book keeping, client management and much more.

Our goal is, to support the healer in getting a fundamental knowledge on technical opportunities and to know how to create and control resonance with it.

Which Partner?
All by yourself?
Joining everything?
Our offer

Choosing the right partner in energetic professions, is vital. We always hear it in our many conversations with healers and lightworkers.
It starts with the "language" and ends with the sustainability and energy of the used techniques and technology.

Are you brave enough to be yourself? Are you communicating with the same kind of words, as you always do or do you have to "fake it", in oder to be understood? Or even worse: Can you even say whatever comes on your mind, or do you walk on eggshells, having to fear a misunderstanding and worse? 

"I can't trust anyone in this, I rather do it all by myself."
Holding on to this belief pattern, you aren't actually doing yourself a favor.
Nobody can do "everything". Each of us has his/her very own talents and uses them for the highest and best of all.

Doing all on your own and really diving into the technology, takes years. Especially if it isn't actually your thing. It keeps you from doing what you're actually good at, what you actually love.
Yes: You should know what's going on on the background. That's clear.

We help you find our, how to do that ans well as what you can give into the hands of others in trust, so you can use your energy to fulfill your purpose.

Trust your intuition and our experience. You'll reflect on the options you have and then decide to your highest and best.

Joining every portal, social media platform and marketing option? - Not necessary!

It doesn't serve you to litter your energy out of the fear to loose connection.

You have an "energetic home", from where you send out your message into the internet.
Anything further litters your energy, which makes it loose it's effectiveness more and more over time.
So it's very important to check what you give your energy into and to choose your focus conscious and wisely. Your goals are very important here.

We show you the options you have online in detail, fathom the energies and give you a concrete idea, what can support your path and your energy.

  • Coaching on the management and build-up of your clientele
  • experience with different systems for book keeping, invoicing, making bids, etc.
  • we x-ray the options, see what you can do on your own and what you want to give into the hands trusted supporters
  • we check your media, whether using it gives you any resonance, always respecting security and data privacy
  • Handy and simple use (as few ans possible with maximum effect)
  • We help you create your individual concept. Together, we reflect your goal and how you can get there. Positive energy and focus, being the center point here.
  • Individual texts, written with empathy and love. For your website, Facebook, Instagram, Flyer etc., all the same.
  • With our respectable experience, we help you optimize your procedure and to use techniques which are fair, sustainable and safe. With an optimum coordinated practice, you can make better use of your time.

Did you know?: Our website and everything on it, we created and built ourselves, of course.

Read our blog, to learn about new technical options, legal topics, applications and software tests. We explain all these things from different perspectives. Questions of our members are answered as well.
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Medienbaratung für spirituelle Berufe und Heiler, Lightworker und Anwender


We have two rates when it comes to media coaching: members of the Spiritual Gate get discount, while non-members pay a regular balance.
We can help anyone who wants our help, you don't have to be a member to receive our support. That's the reason for why there's two rates.

If you want to go into resonance with us, simply use our contact form or just give us a call.

We are excited to hear from you
Jürgen & Fillandra

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