The Healers Directory

Making a difference - united - with love.

Energy is all that there is, everything is connected and compliments each other.

The Healers Directory represents that.
We want to connect healers and make them visible for those looking for them.

Together we are strong and with love we make a difference.

Your entry in the Healers Directory

The Healers Directory is online since the October 2019 (in english. In german since 4th June 2018). Now there is a way for healers and practitioners of spiritual professions to connect, support each other and create resonance to future clients at the same time.

Now you might ask yourself: "What do I get from an entry in the Healers Directory?"

The Healers Directory will grow over the following weeks and months. Which means a strong presence on the internet and along with that more energy, we send out united to reach people.
All of us profit here.
You reach new clients who resonate with your entry in the Healers Directory and we use the success and visibility of the Healers Directory to spread information of what legit and honest lightwork is.

Every healer and lightworker, represented by the Healers Directory, is in personal contact with us. That's a special sign of quality.

It's more than just a registration or advertisement: 
The Healers Directory represents  reflected and reputable healing- and lightwork.

That's why our members receive the Spiritual Gate Trust Partner Logo.
This Logo get's inserted in their website and sends a clear message to the members clients.

Reputable healing work, the work as medium and much more, has every right to be seen. You don't have to hide.
With the Healers Directory we support lightworkers with marketing services, client information and much more.
To underline the reliability of all our work, we need transparent formalities, which are understandable for everyone.
That allows us to reach even skeptic people, because they know what they can expect and what is possible.

For us lightworker its important to mind as well: Only this way we maintain our position and know where we stand.

Do we need more time or do we step out into the world now?

You should know that before you step forward with your profession, to safe yourself and your clients disappointment.

Your potential in the Healers Directory

Being a part of the Healers Directory is affected by love and positive energy. If you come to a point one day, where you feel like letting go, you can do it any time.

Exchange with other healers and lightworkers.
We are a community. Everything is connected with everything and that's how we strengthen each others energy and light.

We create your own page in the Healers Directory, blog posts and event notifications.
Information on the energetic/financial balance is offered on the declared pages.

You can use the information we share to grow. Use our newsletter to get notified via email on new posts. We teach you how to use the options the internet holds for your success and how we offer you support where you might need it.

The human, the conscious and loving exchange, are our primary motivation. This philosophy is meant to reflect in the Healers Directory. A united and joyous growth is part of our purpose and profession.

The Healers Directory rates

We gave it good thought. How to design rates, which are as simple as possible and transparent at the same time, without small-print.
In the end we came up with two basic rates for the Healers Directory.

Share your events in the Healers Directory and the Spiritual Gate.

Thanks to our technique, spiritual events not only show in the Spiritual Gate; they also show in the Healers Directory, for the subscriber of our newsletter and on other websites.
By that we increase the visibility of your spiritual events.

Please don't hesitate to contact us about the rates and options possible. We answer all your questions and see what we can do for you.

Of course we can do even more for you. Just contact us and we see, maybe together with our partners in our network of light, what we can do for you.
There is a solution, always.

The holistic interaction of our work and the powerful team energy of all contributing healers, sends our message out into the world with clarity and love.

We combine cosmic, energetic laws with technical knowledge.
This makes us unique and effective.

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