The Spiritual Gate FAQ's

Questions and Answers for Clients

General Questions

What makes the Spiritual Gate trustworthy?

We thoroughly testify each member request.

This is a process we take time for. Depending on the membership version, it takes between 4 days and about 6 weeks.
There are certain criteria we expect to be met in terms of technical aspects as well as the real life appearance of the healer.
We expect a certain visibility (use of the real name, website, etc.) and a confident standing in their profession.
We only approve healers who fit our criteria and only after we had a conversation in person or on the phone with them.
Furthermore we expect them to keep in touch with us and to update their profile if anything changes.

Along with that we offer the option, that clients can write their feedback on the profile of their chosen healers.
This gives other clients a better idea of what to expect from our members.

Please mind here though: The abilities of the healer alone, doesn't make him/her the right one for your needs at this moment.
We've got plenty of information and inspiration in terms of what you can expect from a lightwork session and how to find the right healer/coach for your situation.

Why do we testify our members so strictly?

Many people face lightwork and spiritual healing skeptical. For a reason.
There are many "providers" out there, who aren't actually doing lightwork and the client feels betrayed.

We want to avoid that.

Legit lightwork and spiritual healing needs a certain consciousness. Only people who a deeply rooted in their profession as well as in themselves and their personal life, can guide others to "move mountains" in their beliefsystem to their greater good.

To protect clients as well as our members, we set these terms. To "sort out the sheep from the goats".

How exactly we verify our member requests?

An in-depth verification takes time.
We do a thoroughly check and only take in members we would consult ourselves in your situation, or have.
That's why we brought in our terms and this is what makes us different from other platforms.
No member is allowed "automatically".

This is the list of our terms:

  1. Does the applicant have his/her own website or is present online in any other way?
  2. Are there photo's clearly showing the applicant?
  3. Does she/he use her/his legal name?
  4. Is the applicant available on every indicated option?
  5. Is the applicant truly living his/her profession or is it "just" a hobby?
  6. Is there any informative, legit feedback available already?
  7. Where else online can we find the applicant? What kind of information?
  8. Plausibility of her/his information for the admittance of the healers directory.
  9. Inquiry of other data banks

These are our primary terms, we look for verifying a member request.
As we said: We only want members we would consult ourselves.

Is it worth it to give feedback, if only positive ones are shown anyways?

Yes, a lot even. Your feedback is very much required, because we pay attention to EVERY feedback coming in.
This way we keep an eye on whether the clients are satisfied with the work of our members.
In case of a significant unbalance it's possible that members are excluded.
Details on how to write informative feedback, you can find on this page.

>>>Give feedback here<<<

How to write informative feedback?

Regardless of what kind of feedback you want to share, we created this special form for you.
Please mind our tips on how you can write an informative feedback.
If you want to write feedback for one of our members, you can use the contact option at the bottom of the members profile as well.

>>>Here you get to the feedback form.<<<

I am grateful for your work and want to support the Spiritual Gate. How can I do that?

Thank you so much for the appreciation of our work.
If you, as a visitor of this page, want to be part of our growth and want to give something in return for all the freely shared information and awareness training, then one option is to donate a little amount.
Furthermore we appreciate your feedback, your questions and inspirations. We will either reply directly or via a news/blog report /podcast.

At this point, thank you for everything that all of you sent our way so far.

Jürgen & Fillandra

Your question wasn't answered yet?

Feel free to contact us.
We help, quick and straightforward.

Contact the team

By signing the checkbox you confirm that you agree to your shared information/data is being electronically collected and processed. The sent data will be processed only for the purpose of processing your request. Further information can be found in the privacy policy.

JüFi Team - JüFi Kooperation

The Spiritual Gate Team

Jürgen Grunau
Fillandra Herm

Calls in German language:

+49 421 84518423
+49 170 9242643

International calls please use these numbers:

+49 421 845 145 20
+49 160 5142082

Become a member of the Spiritual Gate

Here you can apply for the Healers Directory membership.

Why an application?

We are going to testify your request according to our terms, before your profile gets published and you receive the Spiritual Gate Partner of Trust logo. 

Your method(s) aren't available on the list? Let us know, we'll add them (for example: astrologist, feng shui coach, yoga, etc.).

In case you have different rates, name it "starting at __ € / $"

You can provide your texts and client feedback in file form, if you like. Please allow yourself the time to write and elaborate description. You can find a guide line in our FAQ's.

Upload files

Images please in jpg / jpeg / png format. Document files can be uploaded as pdf / doc / xls / csv / odt. Max. size of the file 10 MB. You have to own the rights for the image or the text, to be allowed to publish it. And you have to agree with it's publishment/use on the internet.

Here you find information on our pay scale.
Please mind the advantage of the gold membership. We will answer any questions you might have in a phone call.
Sending this application doesn't effectuate a booking! We'll seek personal contact to discuss further details.

Hints on the necessity of the Spiritual Gate Newsletter subscription and the use of the Trust Partner logo, you'll find in theFAQs.

Feedback on our Members

Use this form to give feedback to our Healers Directory members.

If you don't want a call-back, we might not be able to edit your feedback.

Information on how to write informative feedback you'll find here.

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