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Questions and Answers for Members

General Questions

What can the Spiritual Gate Team do for me?

We enable people who are self-employed with a spiritual profession, such as coaching, psychic abilities, yoga, and much more, to be found by their target group. We do that by offering technical support but also by coaching them to solve belief patterns which hold them back from becoming visible.
Our service sums up in spiritual marketing, the Healers Directory, our blog, the event calendar, website service and hosting, media coaching and spiritual coaching.

Our coaching offers, as well as the service of the Healers Directory members, are meant for anyone who feels resonance and who wants to change or manifest something in his life in a loving way.

Do I need to have a registered business?

Whether or not you should register your business is entirely up to you. Whether you are a freelancer or self-employed, we welcome anyone who does honest work for the greater good of all.

Do I need my own website, in order to make use of the Spiritual Gate services?

Of course not. You don't need to have your own website to benefit from the Spiritual Gate.
Even if you're still in your "orientation phase", you can turn to us. We offer you tips from experience and support you in your growth.
This way you can save yourself time from making mistakes, save energy and money.

What if I have a studio or practice room and only offer sessions online or via telephone?

That doesn't make a difference for us either. You offer your service only via telephone or Skype? Then we will designe your page in a way it supports your focus.
When there is a studio or practice room, it's possible to name the address on your profile. If everything is still in embryo, we could write "appointments upon prior arrangement".
There's many options to fit the profile to your needs.

Even if you're still trying to find your vision, we'd love to coach you, to support you sorting your thoughts and wishes in order to find clarity.

Do you offer advice in terms of social media and YouTube?

Yes we do. We have our own YouTube Channel, on which we offer tips and advice in many different subjects. Here we also publish interviews with our members (the Gate-Talk). Our english channel is still in the making, we'll let you know once the first content is out. 

Ja das tun wir. Wir haben einen eigenen YouTube Kanal, indem wir euch Hilfestellungen, zu verschiedenen Themen, anbieten. Dort erscheinen auch die Interviews mit Euch (Portal-Gespräche). Unser YouTube Kanal ist am 12.03.2019 gestartet. Die Inhalte werden nach und nach frei gegeben. Ein Abonnement lohnt also auf jeden Fall.
Auch Themenvorschläge sind jederzeit willkommen. Gern unterstützen wir euch in dem, was euch bewegt.

Auf Instagram halten wir Euch über tagesaktuelle Themen informiert. 

Questions on Healers Directory entry

How to apply for the Healers Directory membership?

It is your purpose to guide and move people on their life's path? Whether you are a yoga teacher, an alternative practitioner, angel medium, animal communicator... and much more, you are all welcome.

To get an entry in the Healers Directory, you can apply.
To make it simple, we have two different rates.
The basic rate is free and if you want to become a gold member, there is a balance to pay.
Of course, there are significant differences between the rates, it's definitely worth looking into it.

>>>Get to the application form here<<<

And the best way to get all your questions answered: Just give us a call.
We love to help and take the time.

According to which terms do you verify the members?

Our terms, when you want an entry in the Healers Directory:

  1. Does the applicant have his/her own website or is visible online otherwise
  2. Does the applicant offer photos, which properly show him/her
  3. Is the legal name used?
  4. Is the applicant available via the stated contacts
  5. Does the applicant live his/her profession with full heart or is it "just" a hobby
  6. Is there feedback on the applicants work already (you can send it to us directly if you want)
  7. Where else online do we find the applicants
  8. Plausibility of information stated via the application form
  9. Search of other data banks
  10. Our newsletter is part of our communication with you. You have an eye on what is going on in the Spiritual Gate, just like we keep an eye on whether everything is fine with you and your profile. That's why we ask you to subscribe to our newsletter. And we'd appreciate your feedback as well.

What is the reason of this verification process?

Many people face lightwork and spiritual healing very skeptical.
There are many "providers" who aren't actually doing lightwork and the client feels betrayed

We want to avoid that.

Lightwork needs self reflected people, who know what they are doing and with whom.

Only someone who is deeply rooted in their profession, is able to do excellent lightwork, to the highest best of all and with unconditional love.

We established these terms to protect you as well as our clients.
To "separate the sheep from the goats".

It enables trust, especially for skeptic people, who are now rather comfortable considering your offer.

Why don't we allow duplicated content? (copied texts)

We all know: Google sees and hears more than we'd like it to. Yet when it comes to internet marketing, it can be very beneficial, because originality gets rewarded and "copy-paste" looses visibility. Aside from the energy that comes with a "text theft".  Inspiration? Always. But copy paste, do you really need that?

Google notices quickly, if there is the same text on two different pages and downgrades both sites in their visibility.
That's why we kindly ask our members, to write the texts individually for their purpose (e.g. entry in the Healers Directory).
We check if the text does exist already.

Questions on energetic support

What do expect from your energetic support?

Our offer to you, when it comes to energetic support, is versatile. We have a spectrum of different methods, knowledge and experience at hand which we use to guide you through your process.

Whether you have blockages when it comes to the practice of your purpose, or when it comes to the use of technical means, or you want support, understanding, advice and guidance in privat life situations, it doesn't matter. If you feel resonance to our offer and you feel safe and secure with us, that means you're just right.

Support by Fillandra (english & german)

  • ThetaHealing ®
  • life coaching & awareness training
  • Support with creative blocks (e.g. text writing)

Support by Jürgen (german & little english)

  • life coaching
  • health coaching
  • ThetaHealing ® (only german)
  • help in reflection of life situations 
  • media coaching

Hot tip: If you're a member of the Spiritual Gate, you get discount on energetic support/coaching as well as any other support we offer to you.

Questions on technical support and websites

A friend built my website, but I don't get any resonance.

In this case we should check if the "technical course" has been set right and adjust it if necessary.
In a pinch, we can built a new proper website, which suits your energy as well as technical needs.

If you aren't willing to take this step, or you're "afraid" to offend your friends sensibilities, please ask yourself if there is a belief pattern holding you back. If so, we love to help you dissolve it.

Otherwise: If you provide a website, which doesn't serve anybody, doesn't generate any resonance, ask yourself why you provide it. You give energy into it. What do you get back?

Can you built a website for me too?

We'd love to. We can support you building your own website or do the whole process for you. Whatever you prefer.
From the first steps on it's vital to guide the energies in the right direction and not to do the last thing first.
There are many points to be thought about. We support you, help you guide the energies, so that everything unfolds to your best interest.

I only need an email-address, would you do that too?

Of course. Your own email address is the minimum of your successful internet presence. No one likes to send their personal data direct to Google (Gmail), Yahoo and co. Disregarding the privacy protection. 

Having your own email address, you're legally safe (General Data Protection Regulation /"GDPR") and you make a reputable impression.
If you feel resistance on this point, ask yourself, which belief pattern is holding you back from bringing your own business to blossom.

Do I need SEO (search engine optimization) for my own website?

If you want to get plenty session requests and have a full scedule, then SEO is absolutely worth it in the long run. But on the starting point its secondary.

If you have a website and nothing happens, then you should ask yourself why you have it.
Why giving energy into something, that serves neither you nor your clients? 

When you decide to create resonance, we are here to assist you.

SEO is a wide spread field, it requires empathy as well as the willingness to experiment. With some experience, you'll quickly see results.

I want to create a YouTube Account but I don't have any ideas and I don't know how.

Of course, we'd love to assist you in this as well. Let it be, help in reflecting ideas and finding your themes or in technical aspects.

We can give you advice from experience, when it comes to the set up of a channel, the creation of videos and podcasts, the technical equipment you require and the directing of visitors of YouTube over to your own website.

Questions on the event calendar

Can I test the event calendar, before I book a package?

Of course. You can submit one event per month for free. Simply use our form to give us the information you want to publish.
We finish your event ans inform you as soon as it's online.

>>>to submit an event, click here<<<

The events stay online to the day they take place.
The more run-time you schedule, the grater the chances are it gets to page 1 on Google, which gives it the best possible visibility and resonance.
By the way, gold members get 25% discount on event submissions.

Questions on energetic/financial balance

Where do I find information on the energetic/financial balance?

We've created a survey of the energetic/financial balance.
We gave our best to come up to all areas, and keep it short and clear at the same time.

>>>get to the survey here<<<

Your question hasn't been asnwered?

Please feel free to contact us.
We help, quick and easy.

Contact the team

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JüFi Team - JüFi Kooperation

The Spiritual Gate Team

Jürgen Grunau
Fillandra Herm

Calls in German language:

+49 421 84518423
+49 170 9242643

International calls please use these numbers:

+49 421 845 145 20
+49 160 5142082

Become a member of the Spiritual Gate

Here you can apply for the Healers Directory membership.

Why an application?

We are going to testify your request according to our terms, before your profile gets published and you receive the Spiritual Gate Partner of Trust logo. 

Your method(s) aren't available on the list? Let us know, we'll add them (for example: astrologist, feng shui coach, yoga, etc.).

In case you have different rates, name it "starting at __ € / $"

You can provide your texts and client feedback in file form, if you like. Please allow yourself the time to write and elaborate description. You can find a guide line in our FAQ's.

Upload files

Images please in jpg / jpeg / png format. Document files can be uploaded as pdf / doc / xls / csv / odt. Max. size of the file 10 MB. You have to own the rights for the image or the text, to be allowed to publish it. And you have to agree with it's publishment/use on the internet.

Here you find information on our pay scale.
Please mind the advantage of the gold membership. We will answer any questions you might have in a phone call.
Sending this application doesn't effectuate a booking! We'll seek personal contact to discuss further details.

Hints on the necessity of the Spiritual Gate Newsletter subscription and the use of the Trust Partner logo, you'll find in theFAQs.

Feedback on our Members

Use this form to give feedback to our Healers Directory members.

If you don't want a call-back, we might not be able to edit your feedback.

Information on how to write informative feedback you'll find here.

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