The humanly wonderful-invisible

What is light work?

Term paper in the framework of the "Heilberater" (healing coach) training. Written bei Kati Dudek.

Enjoy a little break from everyday life. In realm of human being, where time and space have no relevance.

Everything is energy, vibration so to speak. That's why music is so great for sending messages between two people.
It reaches us anywhere, conveys information and sets us in vibration.

The German Pop-Duo ICH + ICH picture with their song "vom Selben Stern" (transl.: "from the same star"), how strong people are connected with their surrounding.

Original text + translation into English Kati's own thoughts + English translation
Wir alle sind aus Sternenstaub (we are all made of stardust) Wir sind Teil des Universums (we are part of the universe)
In unsren Augen war mal Glanz (our eyes used to shine) Wir strahlen von innen heraus und tragen das universelle Licht und Liebe in uns (we shine from our inside and carry cosmic light and love in us)
Wir sind noch immer nicht zerbrochen, wir sind ganz (we still aren't broken, we are whole) Wir sind eine Einheit und nicht zu klassifizieren (we are a unity, we can't be put in boxes)
Du bist vom selben Stern (you are from the same star) Wir sind vom selben Ursprung (we come from the same source)
Ich kann Deinen Herzschlag hör´n (I can hear your heartbeat) Wir sind fähig die Energie des Anderen wahrzunehmen (we are capable to recognize the energy of another)
Du bist vom selben Stern (you are from the same star) Wir haben alle die selbe Herkunft (we all have the same origin)
Wie ich (wie ich - wie ich) (like I am, like I am, like I am) Wir alle (we all)
Weil Dich die gleiche Stimme lenkt (because you're guided by the same voice) Wir sind alle aus dem selben Grund hier (we all are here for the same reason)
Und Du am am gleichen Faden hängst (and you're attached to the same string) Wir sind miteinander verbunden (we are connected to each other)
Weil Du das selbe denkst (because you think the same) Wir dürfen vom irdischen Leben kosten (we may taste the earthly life)
Wie ich (wie ich - wie ich) (like I do, like I do, like I do) Wir alle (we all)

There is so much more in us; we'll find out.

There were times, when flying was only for birds. Look at the development that has happened till today?
We are lifted by airplanes, to travel from A to B. 
Before this development, people didn't dare to even think is was possible to fly.

Anything etheric (invisible) seams hard to be reached and proved for people.
That's exactly why this dimension deserves to get more of our attention. The technical progress lets us fly in airplanes these days.

What does the future look like?

The era of change

We live in the era of change. Perhaps it will soon be natural for us, to give our etheric being our best attention.

Physics and energy are miraculous, uncomplicated and omnipresent.

The change has come so far, that the classic physics - we think e.g. about Newton here - is expanded respectively dissolved by the modern physics. 
The beginning of quantum physics has opened up new options to explain the etheric.
Primary because there is no limitation by space and time existing in quantum physics and energy is understood as information.

The entire universe made of energy, same as our environment, us humans and every single of our billions of cells.
Everything and everyone resonates and thus is a carrier of information.
According to science, there are many forms of energy and in related organisms similar frequency patterns are found.

Energiearbeit Mensch Energie

Wir alle sind aus Sternenstaub... (we are all made from stardust)

Our wonderful - invisible is found in the energetic point of view.
Us humans, every single one of us, is more and greater than our physical body lets appear. Seeing it this way, we are energy-beings with different layers and differently resonating energies.
Even the physical body is made of pure energy, as the modern physics has proven already.

Our body possesses self healing abilities

It possesses self healing abilities and it strives towards harmony, always. Our physical (visible) body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, which can be pictured by the Kirlian-photography.

Our etheric bodies, we have more than one, resonate in certain frequencies, equal to their frequency level.
The physical body is the level with the lowest frequency. The further out in the auric field, the higher the frequency.

I can imagine the etheric bodies having a certain complexity, similar to our human body.
There is the approach that they picture imprints of our organs and other physical structures.
Since all layers of our auric field are connected by our chakras, it surely is possible for the human being to experience and exist on each of these layers.

Energiearbeit Chakra

In unsren Augen war mal Glanz... (our eyes used to shine)

Energy fields, energetic systems and lightwork are ancient

Some masterminds, studying the field of energy- and lightwork, describe the knowledge on energy fields and etheric energy systems as ancient and that hints are found on the relics of many cultures.
They excited for thousands of years.
In the contemporary development we can see a division between the eastern and western world. The west found into a phase of research in the physical world, whilst the etheric world has been suppressed.
Now we may realize that the totality of lifes miracle isn't made of categories and singly to be investigated areas of expertise - enough of research and securing proof. Because in growing knowledge, natural scientific knowledge as well, the world can't be described objectively, separate from human experience.

Wir sind nicht zerbrochen, wir sind ganz... (we aren't broken, we are whole)

Now how to imagine these energy bodies?

Maybe you are familiar with the words Qi, prana, chakra, causal body, etc. Without going into too much detail and the use of technical terms, I want to show an allegory.

Religions have existed for ages. Depending on the culture and its imprints, several systems have developed, yet they are similar in their core.
The same goes for us humans. We developed from a beginning, each in their own way.
Actually, we all are capable of anything, but our senses numbed over time.

At this point of evolution, our perception is "limited". One is subtle and more intuitive, the other is rather raw and washy.
We are energy-beings, we posses self healing abilities and we strive for natural harmony.

Significance for our life and our understanding of health

When our physical body functions, it is described as healthy. If a dysfunction appears though, we call it illness.
The body creates illnesses, when it's brought out of its own harmonious rhythm.

From a spoken, as well as emotional, perspective, health and illness have an enormous impact.
Health is associated as positive.Whilst illness is understood as something rather negative. But who defines, that illness means something bad or wrong for us.

Doesn't illness support our personal progress as well?
Symptoms only show - from an energetic perspective - that life's energy, also known as prana, can not flow harmoniously in certain arias.


Du bist vom selben Stern (you are from the same star)
Ich kann Deinen Herzschlag hör´n (I can hear your heart beat)
Du bist vom selben Stern... (you are from the same star...)

We may trust, that our wonderful system indeed knows what's good for us.

From this perspective, illness is an attempt of our body, to re-establish the natural flow.
Lead by the thought, that illness in fact serves the healing process, leads us behold ourselves in a loving way.

Our organism always intents for balance and equation, it strives for its original, holistic paradigm. If we put our self-healing abilities at full use, would a state of perfection be possible?

Illness is a signal of the body, telling you that you're out of balance., because you've forgotten who you are. They are a direct message, showing you the kind of unbalance you're dealing with, as well as the steps you can take to regain health. -  | B.A. Brannan

The syptomatic treatment of diseases is still the main focus in the western world.

It's only little attention given to the actual cause, whilst the eastern world sees and treats the people in a holistic way, based on their ancient tradition.

Slowly but steady we grow and develop a tendency towards holistic and energetic professions here too.
We see that by the influences of TCM (traditional Chinese medecine, like acupuncture), alternative medicine, homeopathy, etc.
As mentioned before, the etheric (higher) bodies inform the lower ones, till it reaches the lowest vibrating physical body.
There are thoughts, that physical symptoms are the last sign, for a trauma on the soul level (the etheric bodies). (Branda Davies).

Many causes are found on the etheric level, that's why it's so effective to dissolve blockages here as well.

That's how our wonderful system finds back into flow and the harmonious vibrations can spread again.
Deep inside we know that energy flows through our body and environment.
It's our birth right to experience these energies, as well as working with them - if we are open to it.
Since we are humans, it's obvious that our abilities have developed differently.

That is to be seen without judgement.

The choice we make is neither right nor wrong.

In the age of transformation, we may expand our consciousness and we may slow down time - in any kind of way.
Further more we may rediscover our ability to feel and experience our etheric bodies an how it is to work with them. 

Weil Dich die gleiche Stimme lenkt (because you're lead by the same voice)
Und Du am gleichen Faden hängst (because you are attached to the same string)
Weil Du das selbe denkst (because you think the same)
Wie ich (wie ich - wie ich) (like I do...)

Through Lightwork we have the potential to project harmonious vibrations from our etheric bodies into our physical body.

Positive change can manifest, which creates room for the natural striving for balance. Inside, as well as outside.
Others can share this process with you and each of you can benefit from their individuality.
How wonderful that our paths have crossed.

Thank you.

Wir alle sind aus Sternenstaub, wir sind ganz.... (we are all made from stardust, we are whole....)  and connected even.
We are pure energy, we resonate together.

Term paper in context of the Heilberater (healing coach) qualification 2014 / 2015.
Written by Kati Dudek.
Translated into englisch by Fillandra Herm

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