Energetic Coaching

Support for Healers and spiritual Practitioners

You're at the starting point of a meaningful process: You create your life anew, you become self-employed, or you are already.
Every transformative process is full of impressions and emotions of all kinds.

Sometimes you might feel lost between your own expectations and a flood of emotion. 
The new situation uncovers belief patterns, which might have sabotaged you and kept you small for a long time. The best choice of your life, the choice for change, now enables you, to let go of these old blockages and step forward.

Every healer knows this.

Sometimes it just needs a look from the outside, supportive energies, to regain inner order and find a clear perspective.

We support healer and spiritual coaches / practitioners in this process.

either in form of single coachings or in ongoing sessions, until the energy is transformed. Our support is based on experience as well as qualification.

Energetic Coaching for Healer:

  • We support you in job related and private transformational processes
  • Reflexion on eye level
  • Emotional and energetic support
  • Practical / energetic methods for balance and inner clarity


The energetic/financial balance for our lightwork, ThetaHealing ® sessions and coachings, are available in two rates. Spiritual Gate members get a discount, while any other session is balanced by the regular rate. 
We offer help for everyone who goes into resonance with our offer, so you don't need to be a Spiritual Gate member to book a session.

We live what we teach. 

Authentic communication, conscious and aware lifestyle and the conscious acceptance, integration and transformation of energy... all that is a steady part of our life, job related as well as private.

We are excited to share your path for a short time
Jürgen and Fillandra

When you want to contact us, you can either use the comfortable contact form or give us a call.

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