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JüFi Team - JüFi Kooperation

The Spiritual Gate Team

Jürgen Grunau
Fillandra Herm

Calls in German language:

+49 421 84518423
+49 170 9242643

International calls please use these numbers:

+49 421 845 145 20
+49 160 5142082

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We are going to testify your request according to our terms, before your profile gets published and you receive the Spiritual Gate Partner of Trust logo. 

Your method(s) aren't available on the list? Let us know, we'll add them (for example: astrologist, feng shui coach, yoga, etc.).

In case you have different rates, name it "starting at __ € / $"

You can provide your texts and client feedback in file form, if you like. Please allow yourself the time to write and elaborate description. You can find a guide line in our FAQ's.

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Here you find information on our pay scale.
Please mind the advantage of the gold membership. We will answer any questions you might have in a phone call.
Sending this application doesn't effectuate a booking! We'll seek personal contact to discuss further details.

Hints on the necessity of the Spiritual Gate Newsletter subscription and the use of the Trust Partner logo, you'll find in theFAQs.

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