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You've arrived

Why did you find us?
Because you've been searching for lightworkers, healers, coaches or a medium.
You're searching for an alternative way, to find answers to deep questions or worries.
Maybe you want to close a past chapter of your life or you're looking for new ways to evolve and enjoy your life.

The options for spiritual life coaching and lightwork are wide spread. 

So you're right to wonder, which options are the right ones for you.
We are a global directory, representing trustworthy lightwotk and coaching.
The founder couple Jürgen and Fillandra both have longtime experience in this field, both in lightwork and in life coaching.
When it comes to work on the internet and researching, Jürgen has a huge power of comprehension. He has a respectable background and treasure trove of experience.

The deeper he delved into the field of lightwork, the louder his inner calling to support legit personality development got.
When these two aspects of Jürgen came together, it united his sharp mind with his healing work, as well as the pursuit of transparency and the elimination of questionable healing offers.
Because of Jürgens legal education and life path, he has profound ability to know right from wrong and knowledge of human nature.
Fillandra comes with a natural and reliable sense for the etheral worlds. Her life path and experience enables her to guide people through deep and transformational processes.

The Spiritual Gate directory was born.

We educate on what makes legit, qualified lightwork.
In our directory you will only find members, who we personally testified by transparent criteria. You will only find members, who we would personally contact for a session (or have).

This quality gets awarded by our trust partner logo.
On our website you'll also find plenty of concrete information on the different kinds of practices and methods, as well as interesting information on lightwork and spiritual healing in general.
It's important to us, that you, as a client, know what to expect from a session with one of our members. Especially when you're new to all this.

Every member is tested and qualified

You'll quickly notice that there is the option of a free membership and the gold membership. This doesn't make a difference in the quality of the members work. 

Your feedback is a help for all of us

After a session with one of our members, you have the option to leave informative feedback on their profile.
This helps other interested visitors to get a concrete idea of what to expect.

With love and gratitude
Jürgen and Fillandra

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